Project demonstrators will focus on two principle application domains with strategic relevance:

1. First, on Photovoltaic (PV), where the use of GaN will be explored in micro-grid interfacing circuits evaluating an overall gain in system efficiency and operating cost over incumbent Si- or competing SiC-based solutions.

2. Second, on Automotive, where the benefit of GaN will be investigated in grid-connected chargers for high voltage batteries, as found in new hybrid and full electric vehicles.

  • Beyond this will be an early study on Aeronautics with specific high temperature (250°C) mission profiles as well as the atmospheric radiation constraint.
  • Initial development will focus on 600V, 10A GaN power devices with higher voltages (1500V) and currents (100A) towards the end of the project, giving priority to applications below 10kW.
  • Special attention will be paid to reliability and parasitic effects, investigated through advanced electro/optical measurements and electro/thermo/mechanical TCAD simulations, in order to identify the safe operating area and to develop a robust and reliable GaN-on-Si power device technology platform.
  • Packages and modules will be developed to allow high frequency and/or high temperature operation.  This will include the design and implementation of the necessary gate drivers.